Supervision & Mentoring


In addition to my numerous yoga teaching qualifications, I also hold an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Therapy accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). With over 16 years experience as a teacher and therapist, I have the expertise, skills and knowledge to work with student yoga teachers, trainee yoga therapists, and health professionals who also offer allied yoga services.

Supervision offers a boundaried, listening space where each practitioner can explore their client/ student work in greater depth, and receive constructive feedback and practical guidance from a position of experience. A good supervision relationship offers a forum to reflect on all aspects of what it is to be a teacher or therapist including ethics and standards.

In supervision, we have the opportunity to pause and perhaps temporarily step away from the intensity of our work, take stock and gather new perspectives to enable us to step back in with a refreshed outlook.  Supervision also offers a confidential space should you wish to dive deeper into the meaning behind your work, look at how it affects you, and feel supported and empowered to make changes in your practice.

An essential for our continued professional, personal development and self care. Contact me to discuss your needs.


There are many avenues to be explored in mentoring. Support may be offered in the following areas and more:

Ongoing development as a professional and a yoga practitioner

Finding a deeper connection to, and understanding of your work in yoga and yoga therapy

Identifying and exploring new avenues in your work

Exploring new insights

Enhancing your skills

Increasing your confidence

I have worked in various fields of health, social care, and yoga / yoga therapy as both a mentor and supervisor and have mentored many students. Contact me if you are interested to explore options of what may be right for you.