A little about me…

As a busy yoga therapist, yoga teacher, mentor, and supervisor, I work mostly in the Grantham and Nottingham areas, and also online. In addition to my therapy and teaching work, I am a senior supervisor of therapy students with The Minded Institute and also offer specific CPD trainings, workshops and retreats each year

I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and teaching since 2004. I have many thousands of hours of yoga teaching, and hundreds of therapy hours under my belt, so bring a huge amount of practical experience and wise guidance to my teaching and therapy.

In my yoga classes, I teach a fusion of mindful and enquiring hatha yoga, somatic and embodied movement, yin and flow yoga. All my offerings are tailored as appropriate to support student need, and help promote and support a balanced and healthy experience of life.

As a yoga and ‘life’ therapist I work with clients of all ages and have wide ranging experience supporting people with many physical, mental health and general ‘life support and guidance’ needs. I work with my clients in a ‘co-creative’ way. Together, we look at what’s happening, review where and how the client is, where and how the client would like to be… come up with a plan … and so therapy begins.

Hello to all yogis!

And my teaching…

I have been involved in many areas of the world of yoga, taken many trainings, and continue to learn every single time I land on my yoga mat. My teaching and self development is an ongoing joy for me. I am inspired by new learning and love to bring more to my own practice and to my students. Attending teacher trainings regularly. Over the years, I have studied with highly renowned teachers and therapists including Max Strom, Tias Little, Paul Grilley, Anodea Judith, Norman Blair, Tari Prinster and Heather Mason.

2018 saw the completion of my Yoga Therapy training with The Minded Institute. Since then I have worked more intensively as a yoga therapist, supervisor and mentor.

As my students and clients will attest, I am a friendly, down to earth person with a good sense of humour!  I have always worked with people, as a nurse, as a hostel manager with different client groups, and also as a practice manager in a busy inner city general practice. I bring my wide and varied life and yoga experience to my teaching and therapy work, and aim to infuse my offerings to you with the wisdom of yoga, the science of yoga therapy… and joy.

I have a deep love of yoga which I hope to share through my teaching and therapy. We are all on a journey together!